Welcome to the County’s Information page.

Welcome to our new County Website. We have made the jump and changed
our website to the one England Netball are providing free for everyone via
Engage. All clubs have this option and although it may seem a daunting process
in the end it will be beneficial especially once competitions are back up and
running as we will be able to link them all. Therefore, we are here to help if
anyone needs any support in setting this up please email

GMCNA has been established since 1974 and the developments and changes
over the years have been incredible. Some for the better some not so. The loss
of County fixtures was a massive hit to those who remember them well but the
game in 2021 means our current athletes follow a very different path. The one
consistent thing in all these years is the passion of the Volunteers within the
sport. Your County Committee works hard to ensure we are up to date and are
providing the best level of competition and opportunities for all. The passion
and support for the members of GMCNA is always at the forefront of
everything we do. We know we don’t always get things right we are after all
human but we will always do what we feel is in the best interest of all involved.
We are always keen to hear from our members about what they would like to
see from the County and any ideas and inspirations they may have. We are
also keen for new people to become involved and help the growth of our
sport. If you think you have an idea or can spare some time then please do get
in touch at greatermanchesternetball@gmail.com

Netball has never been through such a difficult time as we find ourselves in
now. Covid-19 has impacted on everyone both personally and within the game
we love, BUT we will come out on the other side of this and we will be
stronger. Believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, don’t push too
hard with your athletes they are going through very challenging times.
Remember a slow and steady return – protect them from injury. We are in this
for fun and enjoyment and our biggest mission is to not loose anyone from our
sport. Take care everyone.

Working together the possibilities are endless!